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    Mobile : Fairy Tail DiceMagic action-RPG is coming to mobile soon!

    FAIRY TAIL FANS ASSEMBLE! Fuji Games from Japan has announced a new mobile game based on popular Fairy Tail series. The game, titled 'Fairy Tail...

    Mobile : Ragnarok Online : Love at first sight (NEW)

      Pinching our nostalgic feelings, Tencent Games announced an old classic but anew mobile games called "Ragnarok Online: Love at first sight" at the recent ChinaJoy...

    Mobile : PUBG Mobile x Mission: Impossible – Fallout crossover event

    The crossover event for PUBG Mobile and the new 'Mission : Impossible' movie is now live! After watching the movie in cinema recently, I...

    Mobile : Final Fantasy Brave Exvius X Final Fantasy VIII

    Final Fantasy Brave Exvius' limited-time collaboration event with Final Fantasy VIII is finally here! From the 3rd to 16th of August, players can join the elite...

    Mobile/Switch : Pokémon Quest Recipe Guide

    There are only two ways to expand your team in Pokémon Quest for now. One, is to wait for a new Pokémon to visit your camp...

    Mobile : Pocket City – Puts Sim City BuildIt to shame!

      Pocket City Pocket city is a great alternative to all the city building simulators you can find on the mobile app store. As a matter...


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