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    Mobile: Blade and Soul Revolution

    Previously announced back in 2017, Netmarble Korea brings you MMORPG Blade and Soul Revolution. This game is based on the Blade & Soul IP from NCsoft. This new mobile version boasts its high poly graphics thanks to the power of the Unreal Engine 4.Check out the trailer below:



    Additional info and features

    Developed by Cherry Bugs, a subsidiary to Netmarble Korea they are claiming that it will improve what Lineage 2: Revolution has to offer to players all around. Here are some of the announced features:

    • Simplified controls for Smartphone
    • Same voiceovers used in PC bringing forward to the Smartphone
    • 150 cinematic scenes put together
    • Added male Lyn as a playable character and class Machinist, with 6 different playable characters such as male/female Lyn, Jin, Yun and Gon
    • Appearance customization is currently in the works, porting over from the PC version
    • Massive PVP, teaming up to 500 vs 500; with the implementation of cannons, watchtowers and bombs as means of strategy
    • Glide and Sprint for exploring 5 massive zones

    Here is a preview of skills presented in this video:



    Last but not least

    This game will launch for iOS and Android for South Korea first on December 6, 2018.

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