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    Toki coming to PS4, XBOX One and PC in June

    A remake to a wacky monkey 1989 arcade game, Toki has been announced by publisher Microids with a speedrun mode that is available in...

    Frane: Dragons’ Odyssey, a fantasy action RPG with beautifully drawn pixels is now available on iOS and Android

    KEMCO proudly announces the release of Frane: Dragons' Odyssey and it is available now on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Standard price of...

    Kill la Kill: IF- Different console version differences

    An update to the official website for Kill la Kill: IF listed a difference chart for the PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC versions. Arc System...

    Bloody Alchemist Simulator “My Lovely Daughter” is Arriving Soon on the Nintendo Switch

    After a year of killing the audience on Steam with its exceptional story, My Lovely Daughter, the simulation game developed by GameChanger Studio and...

    Pre-order promotion revealed for Super Cane Magic ZERO on Nintendo Switch.

    Intragames Co. Ltd has revealed the pre-order promotions of the couch co-op, action arcade RPG Super Cane Magic ZERO developed by Italian YouTube artist-cartoonist...

    Redout races onto the Switch

    Developer 34BigThings have released their highly acclaimed racing game, Redout,  onto the Nintendo Switch. As part of this special release, all DLC contents are...

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