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    Exosuit MMO shooter, PLAN 8 making a debut for both console and PC

    During the G-Star 2019 press conference, Pearl Abyss makers of Black Desert proudly announce their first-ever third-person MMO shooter Plan 8 in a form...

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    Pokemon Sword and Shield Final Trailer – Catch Em All Today!

    The Pokemon Company and Game Freak show off more in the final trailer of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyl44iLD_74&width=720&height=405  Key battle features as presented in the trailer:Galarian...

    Action adventure sandbox, Cube Creator X coming out today in the West!

    Previously released by in Japan on April 2018, now developer Big John Games in collaboration with Arc Systems Works proudly announces Cube Creator X...

    New party game Headsnatchers is now available on PC and Nintendo Switch

    Game developer Iguanabee and publisher Iceberg Interactive are head-to-toes excited to announced that Headsnatchers is releasing on Nintendo Switch and is exiting early access on Steam!...

    Ritual: Crown of Horns – a fast-paced shooter that takes place in an alternate Wild West is now available on the Nintendo Switch!

    Ritual: Crown of Horns - a Weird-Western action game which developed by Draw Distance and published by Feardemic has now launched on Nintendo Switch.Ritual: Crown...

    Explore the archaeological wasteland in Some Distant Memory, coming for PC and Nintendo Switch

    Galvanic Games have announced the upcoming release of their in-house developed game Some Distant Memory, published by Way Down Deep. The game will be...

    AVICII Invector, Rhythm Game Celebrating the Legendary DJ and Producer will be available on December 10th

    AVICII Invector, the inventive rhythm game celebrating the music of the legendary Swedish DJ and producer, will launch globally on December 10. The fast-paced...


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