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    Mobile: Square Enix’s Gestalt Odin

    Gestalt Odin tells a story set in a time of Ragnarok with god’s defeat and the forthcoming destruction of the world. To change their fate, the gods seek out a group of select individuals from various worlds.

    Asgard, and it’s forces of good, summons these citizens of Tokyo to allow them to be ascended into gods called “Extra Odin”, while the evil forces of Niflheim summons their own citizens from a different alternate Tokyo called Odin Xeno. Both of which will clash in order to obtain the powers of the “Seven Deadly Sins”, which rivals the very being of Gods.

    Here is a teaser to get your interests going:

    Crossovers at its finest

    The main concept of Gestalt Odin is mainly crossover characters, like alot of it. Not to worry as the game has their own original characters as well. Here are some of the revealed characters so far:


    • Hajime Saito
    • Toshizo Hijikata
    • Souji Okita

    Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur

    • Thief Arthur

    Schoolgirl Strikers

    • Io Yaginumo
    • Satoka Sumihara
    • SSSS.Gridman
    • Gridman


    • Kotori Kanbe
    • Kotarou Tennouji

    Schoolgirl Strikers

    • Io Yaginumo
    • Satoka Sumihara

    Majestic Prince

    • Izuru Hitachi

    Million Arthur Arcana Blood

    • Nitou Arthur

    Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur

    • Dancho Arthur
    • Yamaneko Arthur
    • Kakka Arthur
    • Renkin Arthur

    Aozora Under Girls Re:vengerS

    • Miyuki Shirabyoushi
    • Reika Kurose
    • Nozomi Aihara
    • Sana Imaizumi
    • Riko Kirishima
    • Akane Sakuma
    • Rurika Tsubaki

    Houjin Yatsurugi

    • Houjin Yatsurugi
    • Takeru Yamato

    Aku no Himitsu Kessha

    • Yabai Kamen

    Romancing SaGa 2

    • Rocbouquet

    Hexa Gear

    • Rayblade Impulse

    Seiken Densetsu 3

    • Riesz


    • Cherry
    • Berry


    • Buddy Cinnamon
    • Cinnamon

    Screenshots of the game in action:

    Square Enix has updated their official site with details on story elements and characters announced for the game.

    Gestalt Odin will begin launching it’s Japanese version this fall. Stay tuned for more updates.


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