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    Presenting 9 Years of Shadows, a emotionally-driven metroidvania

    Indie developer Halberd Studios and publisher Freedom Games presents 9 Years of Shadows, which is described as a Heartfelt Metroidvania Experience. The game starts in an abandoned orphanage that lay submerged in dark secrets. A young woman of noble birth tasked with ending the curse that plagues her people and restoring color to all lands. Coming soon on PC Steam.


    As shared on Steam – 9 Years of Shadows is an emotionally-driven Metroidvania enhanced by healing music that tells the story of Europa, tells the story of Europa, a young woman of noble birth tasked with ending the curse that plagues her people and restoring colour to all lands.

    Immersive gameplay

    Shape your way into this dark 2D side-scrolling single-player adventure as you explore a timeworn mechanical giant; battle hidden bosses with an intuitive combat system, scavenge collectibles, gain power-ups and discover some classic Metroidvania easter-eggs. Combine Europa’s melee prowess with Apino’s ranged spirit magic as both cleanse the corrupted world around them.

    Compelling story

    Take the role of Europa and brave the empty halls of Talos Castle as you uncover the disturbing truth of its inhabitants’ fate. A moving coming-of-age tale that stresses the importance of embracing our feelings in order to heal. Embark on a journey of friendship, where Europa and her loyal companion Apino learn to rely on each other to overcome any obstacle and help others as well.

    Elemental armour

    Harness the wrath of nature and access both special abilities and restricted areas as you bend fire, water and earth to your will. Equip either the Helios, Gaia or Poseidon armour and experience a fresh take on how to explore a vast world and face unwavering foes on the battlefield.

    Restoration through healing music​

    Experience a game unlike any other, with an entrancing and soothing soundtrack tuned to 432Hz composed by ​Michiru Yamane (Castlevania), Manami Matsumae (Mega Man), and ​Norihiko Hibino ​(Metal Gear Solid).

    Stunning pixel art​

    Dynamic lighting and colourful characters create a vivid setting awaiting a hero to explore it. The attention to detail in every hand-crafted scenery is a welcoming sight for Metroidvania enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

    Lore-infused universe

    What remains of the giant mechanical castle left like a shelter by an ancient ruler is preserved in peculiar paintings, gateways to other worlds that speak the echoes of the past. Meet enigmatic artists and travel through their depictions of eerie atmospheres.

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