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    Warframe’s Protea Prime Access Is Available Now For All Platforms

    Warframe’s next Prime premiere launches with Protea Prime Access arriving on all platforms. Embodying the power of an ancient tech superpower and twisting time to her will, Protea Prime arrives with increased energy, armor, an additional Polarity mod slot, and a rare Universal Aura mod slot.

    Protea Prime Access includes:

    • Protea strategizes through temporal tactics and top-of-the-line tech. Switch between attack and defense through her deluge of devices and toss grenade clusters, place hovering plasma cannons, disperse health and energy pickups, or even rewind time itself.

    • Equip the latest in Prime weapons: the dual daggers Okina Prime and single-handed pistol Velox Prime.

    • Additional cosmetic items available when Protea Prime launches include: the Chronorum Helmet, Rhoptron Syandana back piece, as well as the Temporal Prime Ephemera energy aura. For complete information on the packs available, visit

    • Players can craft Protea Prime for free, along with her signature weapons, by collecting the required Blueprint and components and earning Void Relics.

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