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    Sci-fi Pixel Action-Adventure RPG ‘LunarLux’ Dives Onto PCs On September 25th

    LunarLux, the action-adventure pixel RPG set in the distant future from CosmicNobab Games and publisher Freedom Games embarks on a prismatic mission of science, truth, justice, and confidence on PCs via Steam on September 25th, 2023.


    Centuries ago, a devastating comet forced humanity to uproot their lives on Terra to make a new home on the moon Luna. Now, in the year 30XX, the same comet responsible for the destruction of Terra has returned — and now Luna rests in its trajectory. Determined to save her home, the Lunar Warrior Bella sets off to find a way to wipe out the comet before it’s too late.

    Rove across the rough moonscape on the hunt for answers alongside Tetra, Bella’s robotic sidekick. Choose how to navigate, whether on foot, via snazzy jet suit, or with a heavily customizable spaceship, to zip across the rocks with ease. Interact with everything along the path – pet dogs over 20(!) times for special interactions, befriend the local rocks, and dig around for hidden easter eggs at every turn.


    Dive into malfunctioning networks with the help of Tetra by completing mini-game challenges specific to each network. Learn myriad battle mechanics with 40 active skills and 30 support skills, and fill the Lux Meter by stacking skills into thousands of special sequences to unleash up to 30 powerful Lux Combos.
    Meet charming characters and befriend them throughout the journey, but Bella’s also equipped for hostile encounters. Conjure Lux’s powers to defeat the beastly Murks standing in the way of survival. Master a turn-and-action battle system, choosing attacks wisely, and skillfully timing them for optimal strikes.

    CosmicNobab crafted LunarLux with so much love —you can feel how much heart and dedication was poured into every aspect of this interstellar story – The attention to detail and dedication makes us proud to help LunarLux to its takeoff

    Benjamin Tarsa – Director of Publishing, Freedom Games

    The attention to detail and dedication makes us proud to help LunarLux to its takeoff.

    LunarLux saves the Galaxy on PC via Steam on September 18th, 2023, for $19.99 with English language support.

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