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    Rat King Collective Releases Debut Trippy Game, Splatter

    Rat King Collective, a Baltimore-based developer, has announced the upcoming release of its first full length title, Splatter. Noted a free demo of the game is also available on Splatter’s Steam Page

    Splatter is a stylish and bizarre first-person shooter that will be released on Steam on December 15th, 2022. It will feature sixteen surreal levels complete with online leaderboards and an endless survival mode. Enter a digital mindscape constructed by four anonymous administrators. Can you survive? Can you remain sane? Can you remain yourself?


    • Move Fast and Shoot Recklessly – SPLATTER features fast & smooth first-person movement. Standing still is death. Don’t worry about slowing down to aim carefully, either. All weapons have infinite ammo.
    • Paint the World in Rainbows – Enemy blood is persistent & physically simulated. Watch splatters on ceilings or walls drip & smear.
    • Never Catch Your Breath – Fight waves of endlessly spawning enemies that develop new behaviors as you defeat them. Play aggressive? Enemies will learn new tricks to counter your attacks. Play defensive? They’ll get faster and more dangerous.
    • Push Yourself to the Limit – Challenge yourself to set a new high score with their robust style and combo system, and try to beat your friends on the online leaderboards.
    • Let The Rhythm Move You – Their dynamic soundtracks are so intense they literally shake the level as you play, causing the whole environment to twitch, distort, and change colors.
    • Maintain a Balanced Diet – Munch on CD-ROMs to acquire new weapons. Chug energy drinks to restore your health. These are the only two food groups in the game and in real life.
    He is actually very shy, introvert but no choice, have to go out to buy games. He likes food and food likes him. He somehow manage to find a job with the right time accommodate to gaming. He has a very short attention span, therefore has to finish a game fast or else a simple pun can distract him for the entire day. Yes a Pun, he loves puns as much as he loves games; easily distracted, whichever comes next.

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