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    Street Fighter 6 Is Coming Your Way On June 2nd, 2023. Pre-Orders Available Now!

    At the “The Game Awards 2022”, Capcom announced that the latest entry “Street Fighter 6” will be released on June 2nd, 2023! Pre-orders is available now!

    In addition, to reveal the latest game information such as the immersive single-player story mode “World Tour” and the four fighters who will join in the battle, they will also have information such as product introduction and pre-order bonus.

    Travel to different attractive locations in the “World Tour”

    As one of the new information, various locations will be introduced that can be traveled in “World Tour”! In the “World Tour”, there are various locations such as a lively Metro City, a vibrant Jamaican beach, a fighting Italian arena, and a gorgeous French festival. You may meet different “masters” in different locations!

    Master is one of the characters in “World Tour”. Each master can teach player a “Special Move” and equip it to the protagonist’s avatar, which can become a skill that can be used in adventures. In addition, by combining the special moves taught by different masters, players can create their own fighting style. Your own character, your own fighting style, this is the real “World Tour” gameplay!

    In order to be able to cope with every situation and benefit yourself at any time, you must be careful when setting special moves. In addition, street fights in “World Tour” are not always one-on-one, so let’s make use of the “joint battle” system where the master will help.

    Travel costs money. “Part-time” is an effective way to make money, so that players can buy fashion items and food. The “World Tour” has also prepared minigames that can be played between battles. These jobs will allow you to fund your trip while teaching you the basics of street fighting, all in one shot.

    DEE JAY, MANON, MARISA, and JP will join Street Fighter 6!

    Street Fighter 6 will be released on 2 June 2023! Pre-Order starts now!

    In addition to the “Standard Edition” which only has the main game, the “Deluxe Edition” and “Ultimate Edition” including the main game and Year 1 Character Pass/Year 1 Ultimate Pass are also up for pre-orders from today! Let’s take a look at the content of each version.

    • Standard Edition

    ・Full Game

    • Deluxe Edition

    ・Full Game

    ・Year 1 Character Pass

    – 4 additional characters

    – 4 additional characters’ colors: Outfit 1 Colors 3-10

    – Purchase Bonus: 4,200 Drive Tickets

    • Ultimate Edition

    ・Full Game

    ・Year 1 Ultimate Pass

    – 4 additional characters

    – 4 additional characters’ colors: Outfit 1 Colors 3-10

    – 4 additional characters’ costumes: Outfit 2 (including colors 1-10)

    – 4 additional characters’ costumes: Outfit 3 (including colors 1-10)

    – 2 additional stages

    – Purchase Bonus: 7,700 Drive Tickets

    ■Pre-Order Bonus

    Outfit 1 Color 10 for Chun-Li, Jamie, Manon, Dee Jay, Juri, Ken

    ■PlayStation Store Pre-Order Bonus (Digital Only)

    18 Special Player Titles and Chat Stickers

    At the same time, pre-orders for the luxury set “Mad Gear Box” including the main game “Street Fighter 6” and original goods are also available for pre-order! Please check with your local retailer for details.

    ■Street Fighter 6 Mad Gear Box Contents

    ①Mad Gear Box

    A storage box designed with the theme of cardboard boxes worn by the enemy groups in the game.

    ②POP UP PARADE Figures “Luke”& “Kimberly Jackson”

    Color figures made according to the specifications of “POP UP PARADE” developed by Good Smile Company.

    The combination is Luke and Kimberly. Design and manufacture are overseen by MAX FACTORY.


    An Artbook based on the theme of overseas magazines and centered on illustrations such as characters and logo.

    A4 soft cover, 64 pages in total (cover included).

    ④Sticker Set

    A set of 12 stickers pasted on the laptop of Chun-Li’s disciple Li-Fen.

    ⑤Figure Diorama Boards

    Backdrop for figures. A total of 2 pieces of stages and logo design are prepared.

    ⑥Full Game

    Street Fighter 6 main game

    ⑦Digital Content

    Street Fighter 6 Year 1 Ultimate Pass and pre-order bonus

    RUNBACK Campaign for Street Fighter V players

    Great news for Street Fighter V players! As long as you register CAPCOM ID and link the platform account, you will get special bonuses that can be used in the latest entry “Street Fighter 6”! Players who have played “Street Fighter V” remember not to miss it!

    For details, please visit: Website

    Street Fighter 6 will hold the Closed Beta Test 2! Now recruiting participants!

    Street Fighter 6 will hold the second closed beta test from Friday, December 16th to Monday, December 19th in HKT! Participants are now being recruited, please register enthusiastically.

    Note: Selection is handled via lottery and not on a first-come, first-served basis, please check the participation details before registering.

    For further information, please visit: Official Website

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