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    Metaphor: ReFantazio – Launch Date Announced, Physical Pre-orders Start, First Hands-on Revealed, And More

    ATLUS hosted a special developer livestream regarding their upcoming full-scale fantasy RPG Metaphor: ReFantazio. Studio Zero Director Katsura Hashino (Persona 3, 4, and 5, Shin Megami Tensei III – Nocturne) introduced the first hands-on gameplay the public has seen with a 30-minute livestream.

    During the stream, Hashino-san explored various segments of the game, treated viewers to an abundance of brand-new details and exciting teases, and discussed his development vision and creative inspirations.

    One of the major reveals from the stream is the game’s launch date: October 11, 2024.

    Hashino-san’s narrated journey brought viewers to a selection of the game’s many locales, from grand cities to underground waterways, as well as the deepest dive yet into the game’s systems and characters. Key to traversing Metaphor: ReFantazio’s vast world is the Gauntlet Runner, a vehicle that doubles as the player’s home base and HQ.

    Release Date

    In Metaphor: ReFantazio, players will write their destiny and rise above fear as they step into a fantasy world unlike any other. Metaphor: ReFantazio will launch on October 11th, 2024 on Xbox Series X|S, Windows, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Steam. Physical pre-orders are now live, including a special physical Collector’s Edition. Western digital offerings and pre-orders will be announced at a later date. For more information and to pre-order the physical game or wish list the digital version, visit

    Metaphor: ReFantazio Collector’s Edition Contents:

    • Base Game
    • Artbook
    • Soundtrack
    • Homo Tenta Metallic pins
    • Sticker Sheet
    • Steelbook
    • Kingdom of Euchronia Cloth Map
    • ATLUS 35th Digital History Book
    • ATLUS 35th Digital All-Time Best Soundtrack
    • Costume & Battle BGM

    Metaphor: ReFantazio Pre-order Incentives:

    • Archetype EXP Chest Set
      • 10x Hero’s Incenses (Increases Archetype Experiences by 100)
      • 5x Hero’s Fruits (Increases Archetype Experiences by 500)
    • Adventurer’s Journey Pack
      • 30,000 Reeve (In-game currency)
      • 5x Expensive Medicines (Restores 200 HP to one ally)
      • 5x Revival Medicines (Revives an ally)
      • 3x Magical Breads (Gradually recover MP while in dungeon)
      • 2x Stale Blackbreads (Deals 300 Almighty damage to one enemy)
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