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    Nightingale Will Be Releasing A 0.2 Update To Include Highly Requested Features

    Developer Inflexion has given some updates regarding its coming soon game Nightingale which is now in Early Access. Listening to player feedback and working with the game’s community to integrate highly requested features.

    This update will include:

    • Changes to Combat: Players now have more ranged combat options to the early game (throwing knives, grenades and blunderbuss) and improved one-handed weapons with defensive moves such as a parry for the knife, a boomerang move for the sickle and a flurry of blows from the hammer.
    • Two new Bound types: Players can encounter the Bound Aegis, which uses two massive shields for defense, and the cannon-carrying Bound Breaker, which fires ranged explosives
    • Crafting Improvements: Players can now craft directly from storage and queue crafting recipes
    • New NPCs and quests: Additional challenges and storylines have been implemented across the Realms.
    • Smaller enhancements: Players will also notice temp icon replacements, the ability to purchase items directly from the Guidebook, the dodge ability for two-handed weapons and more.

    Nightingale is now in Early Access and will be available for PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. For more information about the 0.2 update, you can read the patch notes and developer blog.


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