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    Fantasy Tactical JRPG ‘Adventure Academia: The Fractured Continent’ Is Out Now On PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch!

    PQube are excited to announce that Adventure Acadamia: The Fractured Continent is out now on PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch!

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    Adventure Academia: The Fractured Continent is a strategy JRPG set in the world of Class of Heroes! Create your perfect party of students filled with different races and characters, and face them against the hordes of monsters that block your way. With a unique ‘pinch, drag and drop’ real-time battle mechanic, customise your own party of students in a fantasy realm with over 10 different races to choose from! Manage their armour, weapons and accessories as you tactically guide them to victory.

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    • Follow Alex and his friends in this charming strategy JRPG full of cute, fun, loveable characters
    • Pinch, drag and drop your team to victory with a uniquely intuitive real-time battle system
    • Build a dream team of students by managing their stats, weapons, abilities and personalities. Gear up your students to give them a special boost!
    • A charming narrative guides you along the way – Follow the story of the missing principal and experience exciting cutscenes between characters!
    • Traverse a range of diverse environments with unique monster bosses to fight and different battle mechanics to learn!
    • Take on formidable bosses armed with powerful attacks. Only the strongest and most prepared team will survive!
    • Demo Available on Steam and Consoles!

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