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    Pearl Abyss Reveals Black Desert Mobile’s New Co-op Rush Content And Black Desert OST X Jazz Project

    Pearl Abyss announced that the new “Co-op Rush” content and the new season of “Path of Glory” have been added to Black Desert Mobile. Adventurers can also look forward to Black Desert’s plan to release jazz arrangements of its official soundtracks in celebration of International Jazz Day.


    Co-op Rush is the first boss raid content in Black Desert Mobile where up to 10 Adventurers form a party and enter the Temple of Greed to confront the World Boss “Offin.” Each of the devastating boss’ four legs is capable of using a unique skill. The leader can set a target lock by using an in-game widget to order party members to prioritize a specific leg. Each leg will continue attacking until it is destroyed. Adventurers will be encouraged to strategically defeat Offin according to its attack patterns while trying to clear the stage as quickly as possible.

    The eighth season of the popular PvE content Path of Glory also begins today in Black Desert Mobile. Rift 17 is now available in the new season, featuring brand-new terrain that offers different potential party formations.

    Tus’ Nest has also arrived alongside the new season, which can be accessed using ”Tus’ Nest Map Pieces” collected from Path of Glory. Adventurers are guaranteed to obtain at least an Abyssal Emblem, with a higher chance to obtain a Primal Emblem than within Path of Glory.

    In the meantime, the Pearl Abyss Audio Division will be releasing jazz versions of four Black Desert songs in celebration of International Jazz Day. This special project was designed to create a gameplay environment where Adventurers across the world can enjoy Black Desert while listening to these songs reborn as jazz.

    Talented jazz musicians that represent Korea, including pianist Mi Jung Lim, have provided their expertise to the project to further enhance the quality of these pieces. The behind-the-scenes video of the production has also been uploaded on the Pearl Abyss Music YouTube channel.

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