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    Black Desert Mobile – Hwaryeong Joins The Fray & The Tax Wagon Pre-Season

    Welcome, Hwaryeong!

    In recent developments, Pearl Abyss has introduced a fresh character class, “Hwaryeong,” to its expansive world of Black Desert Mobile. This addition follows announcements made at the 2023 Heidel Ball, hinting at new, thrilling content for players, notably the Tax Wagon Pre-Season.

    Emerging from the lore-rich backdrop of the game, Hwaryeong is a master of the Do, manipulating enlightened flames. This character marks the awakened form of Maegu, channeling the esoteric Foxspirit’s flames through her chosen weapon, the Foxtail Fans.

    From her early years, she has skillfully wielded these fans, now enhanced with Foxfire, allowing her a unique dexterity to dodge assaults and seamlessly transition into her offensive.

    Employing the Foxtail Fan, Hwaryeong executes a mesmerizing combat dance within close to mid-range encounters. Her combat prowess is highlighted by several key abilities:

    • Twirling Rhapsody: An elegant, spiraling advance enabling her to outmaneuver adversaries.
    • Emberclaw Slash: A forceful technique, pushing back foes with the might of Foxfire.
    • Foxflare Charge: She envelops herself in the Foxspirit’s Foxfire, launching into opponents, leaving searing agony in her wake.
    • Foxspirit Conduit (Passive): In this state, Hwaryeong achieves a symbiotic balance with the Foxspirit’s Foxfire, amplifying her capabilities, especially when in Accumulate mode.

    Check out the visual previews of Hwaryeong’s dynamic combat style, providing insights into her in-game mechanics;

    Tax Wagon Pre-Season

    Parallel to Hwaryeong’s debut, the game sees the inauguration of the Tax Wagon Pre-Season, an intriguing extension to the existing Node/Siege War content. This strategy-intensive feature involves a defending group thwarting the offensive faction’s progress towards their goal. It accommodates a diverse player base, with entry provisions for up to 100 attackers and a maximum of 10 defenders per channel, spread across five available channels.

    The Tax Wagon events are scheduled for every Saturday from 7:00 PM to 7:20 PM (local server time), commencing this Saturday, October 28. Participation requires guilds to control a particular Node or Valencia Castle, with opportunities to earn in-game currency, Silver, enhancing the overall stake.

    Moreover, the introduction of Hwaryeong is accompanied by a series of celebratory events, promising valuable in-game assets like Black Pearls, Restoration Scrolls, and Chaos Crystals among others, rewarding players for daily logins until November 20.


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