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    Plunge Into The Plague Ridden World Of Thymesia On August 9th

    Team17 and OverBorder Studio that punishing the action-RPG Thymesia will launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on August 9th. As the mysterious masked protagonist Corvus, players will battle through the plague-ridden and blood-soaked streets of Hermes against the unforgiving enemies that now inhabit the once-thriving city. Tasked with uncovering the truth and saving Hermes, Corvus will utilize mysterious plague-powered weapons reaved from fallen foes and use them to execute devastating attacks as he overcomes seemingly impossible odds and uncovers the truth hidden in his memories.

    Source: Team17

    For players wanting to test their prowess against the forces already wreaking havoc on Hermes ahead of Thymesia’s August launch, a Steam demo is available for a limited time between now and Monday, May 9th.

    Key Features:

    • Weaponizing diseases: Seize diseases from enemies and wield them as deadly weapons
    • Fight Your Way: Upgrade and modify Corvus’ basic movements and plague weapons to devastating effect
    • A dark and deadly world: With a sinister and gloomy backdrop, Thymesia oozes character through its environments and setting
    • Unforgiving enemies: Corrupted by the plague, and mutated into monsters, enemies are twisted and incredibly hostile, challenging players at every turn

    Thymesia will be bringing the dark fantasy combat to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC later this summer.

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