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    Funny Trailer of the Moving Simulator, Moving Out

    If you think moving out is stressful, well there is a game called Moving Out which will definitely change your mind. Developed by SMG Studio and developed by DevM Games in collaboration with publishing team Team17 Digital Limited, a relocation game where players will move furniture in style or in chaotic destruction. Check it out below:


    Learn about do’s and dont’s with these features:

    • Be certified moving master, choose either in solo play or team up with up to 4 friends for full story mode, expect humour and arguments all the way.
    • Expect plot twists even from tutorials with a wacky sense of instructional lessons from moving unwanted office supplies to unexpectedly smuggling giraffes out of a zoo!.
    • Be creative in moving efficiently from breaking walls, throw random things via physics, or get techie by using a ray gun or portals for that added “It’s Science” moments.
    • Be ready for unconventional scenarios such as moving a couch in space?

    Moving Out will be making a move for a 2020 release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. For the previous trailer, check it out below:

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