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    Third person shooter Gun Gun Pixies, shows a new cheeky Gameplay Trailer

    PQube and developer Compile Heart have just released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming game Gun Gun Pixies; featuring 2 small-sized pixie aliens landing on earth to study gigantic humans interaction. Trailer below for your viewing pleasure:

    A lewd shooter to save their home planet

    Originally released in Japan back in 2017 as a PlayStation Vita exclusive, rejoin the pixies by the name of Bee-Tan and Kame-Pon. As they stealthily navigate a college dormitory room filled with dangers while finding their gigantic human targets which is female college students. Shooting them with the pixies special gun will send the college students into a state of euphoria. So help the two tiny alien girls avoid distractions and dangers while studying humans social cues, all to help overcome the social issues of their beloved home planet.

    The game will be released in Europe both physically and digitally for the Nintendo Switch on September 6, 2019, while in North America the game will release digitally on September 10th, followed up with a physical release on November 1st, 2019.

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