HomeNewsThe cinematic platformer Stela shows it's first trailer at PAX West 2019

    The cinematic platformer Stela shows it’s first trailer at PAX West 2019

    Think of it like a cinematic platforming similarly to Limbo, co-developer of Halo Infinite, SkyBox Labs has released their next upcoming project called Stela. Story-line features about a young woman witnessing an ending of a mysterious ancient world.


    Welcome to the treacherous lands

    Overcome the odds for survival against the terrains, beasts and challenges while moving about a decaying land. Manipulate environments to solve certain puzzle elements while creeping past all manner of beasts. Get into the atmosphere and survive sweeping environments such as haunting forest, monster caverns, monastery, towns and temple ruins filled with traps, all set a tone with its original soundtrack.

    Bear witness to the world ending as it is reaching for Xbox One release in 2019.

    Stela will be playable at the following events:

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