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    Dying Light 2 Gameplay Trailer showing Choices and Consequences

    The wait ends here as the previously undisclosed 26-minute trailer shown back in June at E3 2019 and last week at Gamescom 2019 has been recently unveiled by Techland showing immense promise. Dying Light 2 demonstrates brutal combat, crisp graphics, and added gameplay mechanics. The trailer below focuses heavily on player choices and the impact on the world:

    The fate of the city is in your hands now

    As Aiden Caldwell, you are an infected survivor with exceptional physical prowess in both combat and parkour agility. Other than that, Aiden possesses a unique ability that enables change to a decaying city under the player’s choices. Each choices player make will have consequences in a short and long run on narrative branches, enemies, gameplay flow and even its world setting.

    Key infected features:

    • Enter the brutal first-person combat
    • Utilize grappling hooks not only for traversal purposes but also in combat
    • Returning weapon mods and newly added range weapon
    • Evolving infected, more sensitive to UV lights
    • Use tools such as UV flashlights or UV flare to halt incoming zombies
    • Newly added set of parkour moves to try out
    • Smoother combat and parkour flows
    • Excellent voice acting
    • The city is an unforgiving place with lack of resources and power; mankind’s civilization is but a relic left behind with bandits by day and infected by night. Your choices will determine the process and ultimately it’s the outcome.
    • Changes based on your choices will also determine future quests, region, narrative direction and new mechanics, increasing its replay value

    Dying Light 2 is coming for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, this Spring 2020. For more info, stay tuned for more.

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