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    Koei Tecmo reveals brand new expansion heading to Romance of Three Kingdoms XIV

    A brand new expansion is heading to renowned historic simulation games, Romance of The Three Kingdoms XIV. Koei Tecmo America and famed developer Kou Shibusawa shared details regard of the new expansion called The Diplomacy and Strategy Expansion Pack Bundle.

    Kou Shibusawa revealed several new additional features that will enhance the gameplay experience for players.

    First up, the expansion introduces cities of foreign forces into the map. Apart from conflicts in the central areas, the armies will also need to deal with intensified border clashes which will up the stakes in every skirmish.

    In addition new geographical advantages will be assigned to each province which will vary depending on which provinces are being conquered.

    There will also be an all-new campaign entitled “War Chronicles Mode“. In this mode, features campaigns based on famous battles in the three kingdoms era.

    There are also more ways to unify China by expanding trades with great Eurasian empires including Rome and India. Trading with other empires opens up further strategies for players to explore.

    In addition, new officers characteristics and special tactics have been added, alongside new buildings for specific topography. There will be also a new calender which allow gamers to reflect on previous activities in the game.

    The Diplomacy and Strategy Expansion Pack Bundle will be released on 10th December in Japan and around early 2021 for the West on the PS4 and PC(Steam). And, for the first time, everyone’s favorite handheld console, Switch will be getting the game alongside with the expansion.

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