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    LG’s Latest UltraGear OLED Gaming Monitor With Dual-Hz Feature Is Open For Pre-Order

    LG Electronics Malaysia (LG)unveil their groundbreaking UltraGear OLED gaming monitors (models 34GS95QE and 39GS95QE), to the Malaysian market. Honoured with the CES 2024 Innovation Award, these monitors are poised to transform the gaming landscape, delivering unparalleled visual fidelity and performance. Starting now, Malaysians have the exclusive opportunity to elevate their gaming setup by pre-ordering these cutting-edge monitors from RM5,999 to RM6,999 until May 19th 2024.


    The launch of the 34GS95QE and 39GS95QE models heralds a pivotal moment in the evolution of gaming technology. As the gaming landscape continues to expand and diversify at an unprecedented pace, our commitment is to design monitors that not only anticipate the future but also cater to the myriad preferences of our gamers. Our goal is to encompass all facets of gaming, ensuring that every experience with our monitors contributes to the essence of ‘Life’s Good’

    Justin Choi – Managing Director of LG Electronics Malaysia.

    The world’s first 4K OLED gaming monitor with Dual-Hz is equipped with an 800R curvature, meticulously optimized for 80cm deep desk viewing. This design principle ensures a uniform and consistent visual experience across the display, maintaining optimal luminance and color integrity at an 800mm viewing distance – resulting in an unparalleled immersion that pulls gamers deeper into their virtual realms.

    Elevating visual fidelity, the monitors incorporate OLED technology enhanced with MLA+ (Micro Lens Array) technology for a superior gaming display. This breakthrough significantly reduces reflectance while boosting luminance, allowing the monitors to achieve HDR True Black 400 standard. Gamers can now experience deeper blacks, more vibrant colors, and a brightness level that brings every scene to life with breathtaking details.

    The UltraGear OLED gaming monitor boasts a Unity Hexagonal design that embodies both form and function. Featuring a sleek unibody and a space-efficient L stand, the design minimizes dead space, optimizing gaming setups for efficiency and aesthetics. This thoughtful design ensures that gamers have more room to maneuver, enhancing the overall gaming environment.

    With a groundbreaking 0.03ms GTG response time and a 240Hz refresh rate, the 34GS95QE and 39GS95QE models are built for the ultimate gaming performance. These specifications ensure fluid motion and razor-sharp responsiveness, giving gamers the competitive edge needed especially in fast-paced gaming scenarios.

    For gamers who are interested in experiencing the 39 and 34’’ UltraGear OLED gaming monitor, LG has opened a pre-order campaign exclusively on Lazada. Book yours now: Link.

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