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    From Pan to Plan: Food Devils Cooks Up A Storm On Kickstarter

    Seasoned Italian developers at Studio Daimon announce that the launch of Food Devils, their new Strategy-RPG / Roguelike game, was met with unprecedented hype and spiciness, securing 100% funding on Kickstarter just 72 hours after launch.

    Food Devils combines the strategic depth of classic SRPGs like Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics with roguelike elements inspired by Darkest Dungeon and Hades. Players can also build and run their own restaurant to attract new adventurers and power up both Devils and humans with monstrous food.

    The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the gods have punished humanity’s misuse of nature by overturning the food chain. Now primitive and vulnerable, humans stand no chance at survival… unless their desperation drives them to sign contracts with the famed Food Devils.

    Fans from all over the world have appreciated the unique designs of the game and the curious gameplay mix.

    Studio Daimon is also known for having developed and published Path of the Midnight Sun, a JRPG that ranked 11th as the top PC game of 2023 on OpenCritic.

    There are definitely the ingredients for a great game recipe at play here. Food Devils is set to release on PC in late 2025, and on consoles as well if the next Stretch Goal of €55k on Kickstarter is met.

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