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    Apogee’s 16-Bit Dungeon Designer “Quest Master” Adventures Into Early Access May 29th, Updated Demo Now Available

    Quest Master, the dungeon-designing sandbox adventure from publisher Apogee Entertainment and developer Skydevilpalm, drag-and-drops an Early Access release date into place on PC via Steam May 29th, 2024. An expanded and hugely updated demo will also go live now.

    About the game

    Forge the story of Lanze, Javelynn, and Shiv — the hero, heroine, and furry sidekick — by creating hand-crafted dungeons in a vibrant pixel art setting reminiscent of ‘90s top-down adventure classics. Fashion story-rich adventures or skill-testing obstacle courses for up to three adventurers at once, then share creations online with the Quest Master community complete with filtering options and ratings.

    In the new demo, utilize updated building tools to fabricate perilous journeys and perplexing puzzle-filled dungeons across multiple themes, including ornate temples, volcanic caverns, and labyrinthine lairs. Train for combat in the dojo,and test one’s luck in mini-games for prizes like Lucky’s Locks where heroes hunt for a loot-filled chest hidden amongst empty containers.

    Dream up multi-tiered dungeons filled with levers, timed switches, and moving platforms, then add infinite verticality with stairwells and abyssal holes. Guide progress signposts that point towards key locations and doors that lock upon entry and reward successfully cleared rooms with treasure chests filled with stat-boosting items.

    Equip a trusty sword, a long-range bow, wall-shattering bombs, and attack-augmenting magical rings. Face a menagerie of monsters including skeletons, bats, and snakes that can drop helpful hearts and arrows when defeated. Place proximity-triggered hindrances including flaming traps and retracting ground spikes, and deploy bosses inside insidious lairs that mix battle mechanics with tricky terrain.

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