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    EQI, a trippy first-person arcade game with spatial puzzles, and a synthwave soul haslaunched on Nintendo Switch

    From HYPERSTRANGE, comes one of the most trippy experiences is now available on Nintendo Switch. EQI, a game by Chopin et al, takes you on a puzzling arcade journey to digital ascension!

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    You find yourself in a digital world that twists and changes around you, challenging your senses, focus, and reflexes. The mysterious synthetic world will not give away its secrets easily. Experience its mesmerizing flow. Question your understanding of space. Interface with the great mystery and transcend!

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    Key features:

    • Explore and solve over 20 stages, increasing in size and difficulty
    • Control your own movement and shift the world around you
    • Solve puzzles, see through illusions, and master challenging obstacle courses
    • Put your skills to the ultimate test with Switch-exclusive challenge mode
    • Immerse yourself in the electronic pulse of the game’s OST


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