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    Anthem – All Javelins Ultimates and movesets

    We all know that it has been lacking in terms of new trailers for Anthem since E3 2018, but now Bioware has released a new video which may shed light into what kind of Javelin you fancy yourself using more. Here is the video of it with distinct movesets and abilities:


    Wreaking havoc your own way

    From the Storm hovering with an echoing thunder with some sort of semi teleportation mechanic, to the bulky Colossus which barrels through the air while holding up a shield midair, and all the way to a lightweight Interceptor with easy handling. Not to mention the distinct movements each Javelin makes when they are engaging with the enemies look very good actually. The visuals alone looks promising and better than before with especially with the impressive particle effects flying here and there while you wreak havoc in this shared world shooter.

    Anthem will be launched on February 22, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC respective with early access available to Ea Access members and Origins Access. Stay tuned for more especially on the open beta.

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