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    Anthem Launch Trailer and what to expect from The End Game

    With only two weeks remaining, the launch trailer has been unleashed by developer BioWare and publisher Electronic Arts for their upcoming game Anthem.

    Never give up, stand united to defeat evil

    An evil faction called The Dominion is threatening all humankind and it’s up to you, the freelancers joining up with their own Javelins to stand against them. Explore, battle and claim artifacts. Grow in power in each mission and experience a co-op action RPG in a brand new mysterious world.

    The End Game

    The end game content is as follows:


    • Story mode, levelling up for new contents
    • Level 30 caps, 6 modes difficulty for the rarest gear
    • Personalize your Javelin and skins, from unique armour pieces to customize colour and textures
    • Challenges, free play, strongholds and contracts will be unlocked. For crafting blueprints and materials
    • Legendary contracts may occur
    • Strongholds are team-based challenge
    • Time-limited world events may occur

    The game will be launching on February 22, 2019. Would this be good enough for you to try Anthem out?
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