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    Welcome To The Third Demo Of The Upcoming Rogue-Lite Action-RPG, “KIBORG”

    The team is giving you the first look at the actual game structure. In KIBORG, you’re always moving from one crisis to another, using the limited time in between to prepare for the hardships ahead. In this demo, you’ll find a small slice of this structure: a decisive battle is coming and you have only several days to prepare. Can you beat the FINAL BOSS?!

    Now, this demo doesn’t contain our actual NARRATIVE per se – it’s coming in a few months. And please keep in mind that the game’s content and various assets aren’t final – in fact, there are a ton of placeholders.


    KIBORG is a fast-paced, story-driven action game with rogue-lite encounters. Each challenge is unique and the narrative always moves forward, win or lose. Become an unstoppable war machine and face the consequences of your actions as you lead a resistance group on a faraway prison planet.


    KIBORG is an explosive mix of a brutal action game, an endlessly replayable rogue-lite and a narrative-driven time management game in a dark sci-fi setting. Send your clones on procedurally generated missions and build them into cybernetic gods in mere minutes as you cut your way through hundreds of blood-thirsty mutants, criminals and mechanized soldiers.

    Gather resources for permanent upgrades, recruit allies, make alliances, research forbidden technologies and do your best to prepare for inevitable catastrophe.


    In KIBORG the clock is always ticking. Each mission you undertake costs you a day, regardless of its results, and every week or so, new calamity strikes. You must choose your actions carefully, balancing risks and rewards.

    With your every decision, with each victory and each loss, the story is moving forward. There is no “game over” screen to see and no previous save to load. You must learn to live with the consequences of your actions.


    Missions are, for the most part, procedurally generated. You never know what enemies and challenges you’ll face. With dozens of enemy types, hundreds of combat modifiers and a plethora of non-combat encounters, no mission is the same.


    Vasiliy uses a piece of future tech called The Cradle to send his clones on each mission. Even if a clone dies, Vasiliy stays unharmed. Clones are equipped with nano-skeleton, that can absorb tech from fallen enemies and transform it into a variety of cybernetic implants. There are seven implant slots and eight possible implants for each slot.

    It results in thousands of possible combinations where no build is the same. And all these combinations are visual – they won’t only change how Vasiliy fights, but also how he looks – something that almost no rogue-lite has done before. And as if it wasn’t enough, there are also hundreds of augmentations – invisible micro-implants that take no slot – to fine-tune your build.


    When fists start flying, Vasiliy isn’t limited to cyber-tech only. The hand-to-hand combat is as deep, as it is brutal, with a wide variety of defensive and offensive options. Dodge, block and parry enemy strikes, mix different combos and special attacks, use your environment to devastate your enemies.

    Swing various melee weapons to gain a bloody edge over your opponents or just shoot them in the face with one of the many powerful firearms. But manage your resources carefully: ammo is scarce, melee weapons can break easily, defensive options drain your stamina while special strikes cost energy that you recharge with basic attacks.


    Your base is your fortress, a haven between missions. Chat with your allies (all with strong, eclectic personalities), listen in to their conversations or to news broadcasts, meditate in the garden, admire your collection of trophies, train in virtual reality. Or craft power upgrades to help you in combat.

    Because in KIBORG, the clock is always ticking.

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