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    Full Act 2 Update for Twin-Stick Shooter REMEDIUM Out Now

    Publisher ESDigital Games and developer Sobaka Studio have released a new content update for the Renaissance-inspired post-apocalyptic twin-stick shooter REMEDIUM via Steam Early Access and Epic Games Store.

    About Act 2

    This thrilling new update completes the highly anticipated Act 2 of the game and packs in a wealth of new content to expand the world of REMEDIUM.

    The new complete Act 2 update introduces two new locations—the Fort and Abbey—to the previously released Mine location. These locations contain a host of terrifying enemies and boss types for players to discover and engage in frantic twin-stick shooter action.

    Fans will also dive deeper into the storyline with the newly added intro cutscene, providing an engaging introduction to the world of REMEDIUM.

    The Act 2 content update will also introduce new quality-of-life improvements, many of which were requested by the community already playing the Steam Early Access release.

    Some of these quality-of-life improvements include an updated and optimized transitioning system to seamlessly travel between game locations, a new upgrade to the save system so players can replay Act 1 or Act 2 (after starting it for the first time) at any time with their progress saved and with any weapons and upgrades already unlocked.

    Additional balancing of battles to ensure a smooth combat experience, numerous UI and UX improvements and bug fixes, and the engaging intro cut scene set the scene of the carnage of Act 2 perfectly.

    REMEDIUM Act 2 features

    • Act 2 introduces three new locations with unique mutant types and terrifying bosses.
    • Discover the new Fort and Abbey locations as well as the Mines.
    • Continuation of the intriguing storyline of the hero’s deadly journey.
    • Players can craft new parts for their weapons (to further customise them and deal different types of damage) with the new reagents found in Act 2.
    • Updated visuals and player accessibility for an enhanced gameplay experience.
    • An improved upgrade system where players can now spend resources to become stronger.
    • Dash movement and Almalgams use have been split for greater accessibility.
    • Language support for English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean, with further enhancements to be added.

    About REMEDIUM
    It had been more than a century since the Grey Plague devoured the whole continent and turned almost all inhabitants into mindless chimeras, spreading the infection to any remaining survivors who managed to find refuge behind the huge walls of the fortress cities.

    While foraging outside the city walls, you are attacked, and while surviving the fight, you become infected with only a short time to live before the disease takes over. Your only hope is to fight through the hordes of mutants and chimeras and find the cure before it’s too late. With an arsenal of weapons at your disposal, you must survive the infected spawn’s onslaught and master the art of alchemy to craft powerful potions, injections and amalgams to boost your abilities in your search for the cure.

    Also, ESDigital Games is launching a special game bundle on Steam. The ‘Alchemic Bundle’ contains two games – REMEDIUM and BattleJuice Alchemist and allows fans to purchase both games with a 25% discount. That’s not all, as players can also buy the REMEDIUM game separately with a 20% discount for one week only.

    REMEDIUM is out now on PC via Steam Early Access, Epic Games Store for Windows and Linux and features the complete Act 1 and Act 2. Console releases for PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch are also planned for 2024.

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