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    Carve A Bloody Path To Salvation In Twin-Stick Alchemy Shooter REMEDIUM On September 14th

    REMEDIUM, the twin-stick shooter set in the grim post-apocalyptic Renaissance from developer Sobaka Studio and publisher ESDigital Games, unleashes its first deadly episode on PC via Steam Early Access and Epic Games Store for Windows, Mac, and Linux on Thursday, Sept. 14th, 2023, with a second and third installment coming later this year. Console releases for PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch are planned for 2024.

    Beginning Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2023, REMEDIUM will have a new playtest available to try out on the Steam page. This demo will be available until Sunday, Aug. 27th, through the duration of Gamescom 2023.

    A cataclysmic event a century ago still devastates the remnants of a dying continent. The haunting cast of the Grey Plague left bloodthirsty beasts stalking the world as citizens hide away while desperately searching for a cure. Tragedy takes an even sharper turn for the worst when one of the few remaining survivors is infected, fated to morph into an unspeakable monstrosity.

    Quickly find a cure or succumb to the horrifying consequences of the creeping infection. Run, gun, and dodge through vicious packs of chimeras, mutants, elementals, gargoyles, and golems, in the dilapidated landscapes. As his condition worsens, uses the dreadful symptoms to his advantage to eliminate the bloodthirsty creatures standing in the way.

    Scour for limited resources to concoct powerful potions, injections, and amalgams. Use these to upgrade gear and weapons or bolster our hero’s strength and resolve. Lace firepower with elemental binding to create specialized ammo like piercing ice bullets and electrifying jolts. Rise victoriously from grueling boss fights to find an antidote to save a world.

    REMEDIUM’s desolate, post-apocalyptic setting combined with its addicting fast-paced action will take our beloved universe to unprecedented white knuckle heights – We also invite everyone to experience everything the Remedium universe has to offer with REMEDIUM: Sentinels, the grim rogue-lite bullet hell set in the same world available now on PC via Steam, complete with Steam Deck compatibility, and Epic Games Store as well as Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4|5.

    Sobaka Studio Development Team

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