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    Tales of Arise shares side activity and skits with The Spirit of Adventure trailer

    Bandai Namco Entertainment releases a new trailer on how the players can unwind with many side activities prepared in Tales of ARISE. Showcasing farming elements, fishing, camping, casts dynamics, and cooking. The game will be out on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and PC on September 10th worldwide. More on the video below:

    Character Conversations and Quests

    “Tales of” is a game to enjoy the characters. In addition to the main scenarios, you can get to enjoy different experiences with characters when you roam around the map.

    In Tales of ARISE, enjoy the development of characters, as you uncover the characters’ emotions and fates portrayed in different form of encounters – Event Movie, Animation, Skit and Short Chats.

    Meet people through sub-quests, and learn more about character’s growth and charms!

    During your adventures, Alphen and his friends will encounter people with various challenges. By solving their problems, you can obtain weapons, items and even cooking recipes.

    The series’ familiar “Cooking” system

    Enjoy the familiar quirky dishes that comes with each character’s own specialties! By entrusting them with their specialties, you may trigger special cutscenes!

    Dish & Recipes

    You can cook by learning recipes and using ingredients to recreate them. By eating food, you can gain various buffs that will be useful for your battles!

    Develop a farm where you can harvest food

    If you can manage the ingredients properly, you will be able to create a wider variety of dishes along the way. By developing farm and gathering a wealth of ingredients, you can cook a variety of dishes and use the additional buffs to your advantage in battles against powerful enemies.


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