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    Tales of Arise shares a character trailer introducing Alphen

    Bandai Namco Entertainment sheds a bit more light about Alphen in the upcoming JRPG Tales of Arise with a new character introduction trailer. Portrayed as no pain, no face, no memories. Determined to free the Dahnans, Alphen will have to overcome many challenges during his journey to finally taste freedom.

    The game is slated to launch on September 10th, 2021, for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via STEAM.

    More information of the game as shared on Steam:

    A world of nature drawn with the “Atmospheric Shader”:

    We are introducing a new graphics shader, inspired by anime and watercolour painting. Characters with attractive designs travel among backgrounds filled with beautiful and delicate visuals.

    Explore a world that feels alive:

    Explore the world of Dahna, where a mix of unique, natural environments change in appearance based on the time of day. Climb over the rocky terrain, swim in rivers, gather around the campfire, cook food, head to the next town, defeat the master of an alien planet, and liberate the people!

    Stylish action and battles:

    Through the new system “Boost Strike”, you can now chain combos of powerful attacks together with your party members. Chain Artes, Boost Attacks, and Boost Strike combos to take down your enemies!

    Experience the story of the divided Renan and Dahnan people:

    The protagonists who will determine the fate of these two worlds are Alphen and Shionne. They will overcome hardships and grow together with their unique group of friends. Gorgeous animation by ufotable is inserted at key points in the story, adding more colour to our protagonists’ journey.

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