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    Side-Scrolling Online Shooter SIDE BULLET Launches On PlayStation 5 On October 4th

    South Korean studio PressA has revealed that their upcoming side-scrolling online shooter SIDE BULLET is coming to PlayStation 5 on October 4th, as a free-to-play title. Get ready to experience a Battle Royale like none other, merging tactical depth with 2D arcade action!

    “We’re very excited for PlayStation 5 players to finally get their hands on SIDE BULLET on October 4th.”
    “We think it’s a highly original mix of classic 2D side-scrolling action with contemporary Battle Royale sensibilities that feels unlike anything else out there. We can’t wait to hear what players think of it!.”

    Seong-Uk Kim, director of SIDE BULLET at PressA

    Set in an urban concrete jungle, players will be pitted against both each other and strange monsters. Choose a fighter from one of nine cartels including Psychos, Special Agents, and Prisoners. Each cartel offers its own passive skill known as a Unique Perk and special weapons can be used together with active skills known as Perks.

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    Use your guns in conjunction with your grappling hook for smooth, agile precision platforming. Defeat strange monsters to acquire more powerful weapons and supplies. Unlock perks as you play and customize your battle experience. Infinite possibilities await!

    At launch SIDE BULLET will include Battle Royale Solo and Battle Royale Trio modes, more content will be introduced in future updates.

    As a free-to-play game, SIDE BULLET offers microtransactions, but these aren’t pay-to-win bonuses. Instead, there are Item Bundles, which include customizable cosmetic items, such as costumes, weapon skins, furniture, emotes, and more bundled together at a low price, as well as the Premium Battle Pass that allows players to earn various additional rewards on top of their existing Free Battle Pass rewards.

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