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    Sci Fi 2D Metroidvania game – MindSeize announced for Switch

    MindSeize is a pixelated 2D Metroidvania game set in a Sci-Fi-universe made by developers Kamina Dimension. Explore the untamed planets and fend off against the enemies from a mysterious organization.



    Save your daughter at any cost!

    As the title suggests, you play as a crippled private investigator M.C. Fox as his beloved daughter’s mind has been seized by the mysterious organization. He has to confront the very organization while wearing a special robotic body called MAG that allows him to slash, dash, jump, shoot and create barriers, dealing sizable damage to his foes. This concept vividly reminds me of Robocop.

    Key cool features:

    • Classic 2D-action with a modern twist – Smooth and fast-paced action with beautiful hand-drawn 16-bit pixel graphics, mixed with atmospheric music and hard-hitting sound effects
    • Explore mysterious planets – Travel to 4 different and unique planets, unravel their secrets and fight the dangers within. Remember to take a break once in a while on your ship and talk with your crew
    • Upgrade your MAG – Buy and find different mods, weapons, and abilities that bring versatility to your MAG’s combat capability
    • Delve into the world of MindSeize – Follow the story written by a professional scriptwriter with comic book style cutscenes, read the log about planets and their fauna, experience the heart-rending twists.
    • Over 10 hours of playtime in the main story, plus tons of optional content
    • Smooth and fast-paced combat and exploration
    • Varied gameplay: take a break to relax at your base ship and chat with the crew
    • Original sci-fi world: explore 4 unique planets, each with their own sub-areas and secrets to find
    • Beautifully hand-animated 16bit-Esque pixel graphics
    • Amazing, atmospheric, yet addictive soundtrack and punchy sound effects

    The game is set for 5 February 2020 release for PC while Switch release will be announced at a later date.

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