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    Publisher 505 Games Celebrates With Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes TGS 2022 Trailer And Many More

    Leading video game publisher 505 Games celebrates the conclusion of this year’s Tokyo Game Show, having showcased its largest product line-up ever at the ‘Route 505’ press event and online showcase, a testament to 505’s ongoing support for the Japan and Asia markets.

    The publisher shared content from a wide variety of upcoming titles, including a new gameplay trailer from the highly anticipated JRPG Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. The Rabbit & Bear team also hosted a live QA session answering questions from the community. 505 was also pleased to reveal 3 new Japanese voice actors from the game, which is due to land on shelves in 2023. And if that’s not enough, 505 announced the physical version of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising will be distributed by Happinet in Japan and published by Red Art Games in North America and Europe.

    505 was also pleased to announce Gunfire Reborn’s Xbox One & Xbox Series X worldwide release date as October 27th. Game Pass subscribers can also pick up Gunfire Reborn on day 1.

    Ahead of the worldwide release on September 22nd, 505 exclusively debuted the launch trailer of Serial Cleaners during the TGS live show.

    Source: IGN China

    Media who attended the ‘Route 505’ event were joined by Re:Legend creator DC Gan, who was on-hand to discuss the recently released PC game, whilst Eiyuden Chronicle creators Rabbit & Bear held private interviews with Japanese media. The acclaimed Assetto Corsa Competizione race simulator was also demonstrated by the professional drift racing driver Sayaka Shimoda, in a specially built racing rig by TSK.

    Other titles that made up the event were Unheard where 505 announced the game is coming to all console platforms with Japanese VO, plus already announced titles Miasma Chronicles, Stray Blade, Rogue Spirit, and forthcoming cyberpunk ‘slice-of-life’ sim Nivalis. 505’s Sister-label HOOK also had a strong showing, with new trailers for indie titles Edengate and Unholy. Be sure to Wishlist these games now!


    As a special thank you for everyone’s support, 505 also wants to gift all new players a free Spider-Man character for its recently acquired MARVEL Puzzle Quest game, and this can be redeemed instantly by scanning the QR code below.

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