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    ​​​​​​​Process Of Elimination Demo and 1 Hour Gameplay Preview Is Here

    ​​​​​​​Do you have what it takes to be a competent detective? Put your skills and your wit to the test during the Process of Elimination Demo which is available now for Nintendo Switch and PS4!

    Details as shared on the Youtube channel

    In Process of Elimination, you will need both your wits and the assistance of your fellow detectives in order to uncover the truth. Navigate each crime scene, utilize each detective’s unique abilities, and gather evidence in preparation for the investigations ahead. But beware: the way to the truth is more dangerous than you think! Coming on April 14th, 2023 to Nintendo Switch and PS4.

    Source: ReefGamesLive

    The Truth Is Deadly

    A hapless student named Wato Hojo finds himself among a group of talented detectives and must take part in their investigation to stop a prolific serial killer that hides among their ranks. Can they solve the case before they’re all eliminated?

    The Sign of the Fourteen: Team up with 13 different detectives, each with their own unique skills, tools, and personalities. Explore key locations around the island of Morgue and engage in choice-based dialogue to obtain useful evidence for each case.
    A Study in Shadow: Carry out investigations on an interactive map of the crime scene. Use your “Denouement” ability to absorb critical information, predict the future, and gather clues while piecing together the truth of each murder.
    The Island of Fear: As the secret headquarters of the Detective Alliance, the island of Morgue is host to a number of mystifying and dangerous areas. Explore vivid locales including a maze, a research facility, and the Alliance’s manor.

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