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    Action-Packed Metroidvania Rusted Moss Is Out Now

    Japan’s oldest Indie publisher PLAYISM is excited to announce that Rusted Moss, an action-packed Metroidvania inspired by folktales and desolate landscapes, is out now on Steam.

    Already spotted by Metroidvania fans and speedrunners, Rusted Moss engages the player in fast-paced bullet-hell-inspired boss fights as they move quickly along with the grappling hook through desolate landscapes drenched in melancholy. Easy to learn, hard to master – Rusted Moss offers a challenge and adrenaline rush, but its accessibility options also allow for a more relaxed approach.

    The Rusted Moss development team is an all-female group made up of three friends – Faxdoc, Happysquared, and Sunnydaze. Keen game jammers met while participating in GM48 Game Jam, a 48-hour game-making marathon using GameMaker Studio. The team started working on Rusted Moss, based on the hook mechanics that Faxdoc played with, which they all thought was fun.

    Key features in Rusted Moss:

    • Creative platforming focusing on a grappling hook (No classic double jump!)
    • Fast-paced bullet-hell inspired boss fights
    • Unique Trinkets!
    • Trinkets are Fae blessings that give your character special abilities.
    • Customize your playstyle!
    • Beautiful desolate environment to explore
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