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    NCSOFT At G-STAR 2023: Unleashing New Global Line-ups Across Various Genres

    NCSOFT, revealed their new global line-ups during the on-site event, ‘Opening Speech,’ at G-STAR 2023 in Busan, Korea, taking place from November 16th to 19th.

    During the Opening Speech, executive producers for each of the line-ups presented new trailers and introduced their respective projects to the audience.

    Official Trailers for ‘G-STAR 2023’

    • LLL is an expansive open-world MMO shooter that invites players to engage in epic battles within a vast and dynamic environment, offering them the freedom to traverse at will.

      Seeder Jaehyun Bae, in presenting its new official trailer, underscored the distinctiveness of LLL, stating, “You can immerse yourself in the open world, wielding a wide array of weapons and skill combinations. This is the unique feature of LLL, offering players an unparalleled shooting game experience.”.

    • BATTLE CRUSH, NCSOFT’s first-ever Nintendo Switch title, is an action-packed battle brawler capturing the interest of gamers around the globe.

      Captain Hyungsuk Kang remarked, “It presents thrilling, dynamic brawl battles, particularly when executing precise attack combos to launch enemies into the air, or even when escaping from the shrinking terrains and safely jumping onto the safe zones.” He further expressed, “I hope our players will enjoy the experience of becoming the ultimate survivor leveraging on strategic team operations and skillful item combinations.”

    • Project BSS is a new IP offering a reimagined gameplay style, utilizing the rich Blade & Soul universe. Captain Kihwan Koh highlighted, “Building upon the inherent enjoyment of collectible RPG, it seamlessly integrates action and adventure tailored for battlefield gameplay, fostering communication and enjoyment among players.”

      He further explained, “The game showcases strategic team formations capable of adapting to the dynamic combat environment and conditions, along with tactical combat that heightens the thrill of collecting and combining elements.”

    • THRONE AND LIBERTY, the highly anticipated flagship MMPROG, unveiled its latest trailer at the Opening Speech, in advance of its official launch in Korea on December 7. Producer Jongok Ahn is set to showcase a Korean-language demo play of TL’s core features on the NC YouTube channel at 1 PM on November 18 (GMT/UTC+9) during G-STAR.

      This presentation will provide a glimpse into the recent changes that TL has adopted, including a solo dungeon, a 6-party dungeon, and a guild raid. Additionally, various on-site events are planned for visitors.

    • Project G is currently in development for both PC and mobile platforms, while Project M is designed for consoles and PCs. Further insights into the progress of these projects will be shared during the Korean-language ‘Upcoming Project Interview’ scheduled for 1:30 PM on November 17th (GMT/UTC+9) on YouTube and at the G-STAR venue.

    • Project M

    Our entire development teams, and NCSOFT as a whole, have dedicated ourselves to showcase a diverse array of enjoyable experiences across various genres here at G-STAR – Moving forward, we will remain committed to delivering great games by maintaining close communication and sharing our development progress with our fans.

    Moonyoung Choi – Principal Development Management Officer at NCSOFT

    • LLL, BATTLE CRUSH, Project BSS: Executive Producers Introduce Hands-On Builds Live on Stage

    At this year’s G-STAR, NCSOFT brings hands-on experience for three projects: the shooter ‘LLL,’ the action battel brawler ‘BATTLE CRUSH,’ and the collectible role-playing game ‘Project BSS.’

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