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    Still Breaking New Ground: “Pistol Whip” Charges Into Battle With A Power Metal Collection

    Veteran developer of virtual reality (VR) games, Cloudhead Games ( has officially revealed the name and release date of the next content update to their award-winning Physical Action Rhythm VR game, Pistol Whip. Dubbed “VOIDSLAYER” this Collection contains three new power metal Scenes, with the first arriving on all supported platforms on June 6th, 2024.

    In August 2023, Cloudhead Games shared a new Roadmap that teased a year of updates to Pistol Whip, with an unnamed entry landing in 2024; now, that update has been revealed to be VOIDSLAYER, a free Collection of medieval fantasy-scapes with unstoppable power metal tracks.

    Featuring wailing guitar solos and furious kickdrums from the likes of Bloodbound, Brothers of Metal, and Firewind, VOIDSLAYER will have players blasting through ancient villages, cataclysmic battlefields, all the way to the edge of earth and sky.

    Keen players will note this reveal comes just months after the last free content drop from Cloudhead, which featured an arsenal of uniquely medieval weaponry, which served as subtle teasers for the VOIDSLAYER update on the horizon.

    More about the VOIDSLAYER Collection:

    • The first new Scene, “Hero’s Dawn,” will arrive in Arcade mode on June 6, 2024, while the second and third Scenes will be available on June 13 and 20, respectively.

    • Players will have two new Modifiers to tweak their playstyle with, including Colour Match, which forces players to target only the enemies that are colour-matched to their weapons, and Deflector, which gives players’ the ability to send bullets ricocheting back at their foes.

    About Pistol Whip

    Pistol Whip is a physical action-rhythm FPS game that has continued to see commercial success, remaining one of Quest and Steam’s top-selling VR games. Blast, duck, and dodge your way through fever dream Scenes, build unique rhythms in a ballet of bullets, and claim glory on the leaderboards.

    Since its launch, Pistol Whip has continued to dominate the charts with the addition of over 30 songs as well as two incredible cinematic campaigns, the Styles system sandbox for endless replayability, Contracts, and party mode.

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