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    Just Cause 4 ‘Dare Devils of Destruction’ DLC

    A new DLC announcement named “Dare Devils, Demons and Danger Expansion Pass.” for Just Cause 4 by developer Avalanche Studios and publisher Square Enix. Good news for those who have purchased the original game via Gold Edition as they will have access to this content 7 days earlier.



    Comes with new missions with new vehicles

    16 new weaponized vehicles available with the following pedal to metal features:

    • Survive while speeding through landmines, wrecking balls and ring of fire
    • Drive through weathers of the extreme while mastering high-speed stunts in Run
    • Don’t forget to mess with your rivals with the weapons you have
    • Rampage through the explosive arena in order to achieve a higher score


    The content will be launched soon on April 30, 2019. For our previous coverage click on the links below:

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