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    theHunter: Call of the Wild DLC coming soon to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam

    Avalanche Studios have announced an upcoming DLC for their immersive hunting game. Rancho del Arroyo, the highly anticipated, all-new reserve in theHunter: Call of the Wild, is coming soon to PC (Steam), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Trailer below:

    Inspired by the grandiose Sonoran Desert of Northern Mexico, Rancho del Arroyo features five unique new animal species, including the community requested Pheasant, a versatile new pump-action shotgun, harsh, yet beautiful biomes to explore, and a thrilling story that involves uncovering a century-old family mystery.

    Additionally, bird hunting enthusiasts will encounter an exciting new animal behavior called “Flushing” – when pushing pheasants into open areas, or towards another hunter or Bloodhound, players can strategically move them out of their hiding spots and cause them to fly away (“flush”), making way for the perfect shot!

    When we looked at where in the world to place our new reserve, based on feedback from our dedicated community, we knew that hunting in a huge, sprawling desert was something fans of the game would enjoy. With a vast new reserve to explore, filled with unique animal species, an exciting new update to gameplay, and a powerful addition to the weapon arsenal, we can’t wait to hear about the adventures our players will carve out under the desert sun in Rancho del Arroyo.”

    Sacha Karsenty – Product Owner, Expansive Worlds

    DLC Features:

    • Hunt exciting and new species – From the elusive Mexican Bobcat that stalk Antelope Jackrabbits during nighttime, to the skittish Rio-Grande Turkey, Ring-Necked Pheasant and Collared Peccary, new experiences await even the most seasoned hunters. Majestic species such as the Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Coyote and Bighorn Sheep also roam in the vast desert.
    • Explore a huge desert – From the abandoned mineshafts and dusty roads to the surrounding mountains that overlook the heart of the desert, Rancho del Arroyo is full of discoveries and barren beauty to behold. Brave the heat of the sun, and experience a place like no other where the Wild West lives on in spirit.
    • Expand your arsenal With the addition of the Couso Model 1897 16-gauge pump-action shotgun, close-range hunting has never been easier. Carrying up to five shells in its tubular magazine and firing multiple shots in quick succession, it’s a versatile weapon in the hands of any skilled hunter!
    • Share the Experience You can hunt in Rancho del Arroyo even if you don’t own the DLC by joining someone in multiplayer who does. This will give you access to everything except the narrative missions.


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