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    Journey Through A Nightmarish 2D Roguelite With Nightmare: The Lunatic

    Developed by Maetdol Games, Nightmare: The Lunatic takes action rogue-lite platformer to a never-ending nightmare as you need to to find a way out. Swap between 3 weapons constantly, use special attacks and dodge and dodge enemy attacks. Strengthen yourself by collecting powerful and distinctive totems. Nightmare: The Lunatic is slated for next year January 7th,2022 release.

    Source: Next Indie

    Features as shared on Steam:
    Powerful monsters in your nightmare will get in your way. Pay attention to their characteristic movements, identify patterns, and counter and defeat attacks.

    You can utilize various weapons. Choose a weapon considering your taste and the synergy between each weapon. Switch between the weapons of your choice and fight effectively.

    The dream merchant has lost all items to sell to you. If you explore your dreams, you will find them. A ‘Totem’ with various abilities will be of great help on your journey.

    Oh my, it’s dead. But don’t worry. Because this is a dream. The opportunities are endless. There are just minor issues that go back to the beginning and change the structure of the dream a bit.

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