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    Introducing Skateboarding Metroidvania, Seadog

    Oh My Me Games presents a skateboarding Metroidvania… without any skateboards titled Seadog, playing as a mechanic who is lost at sea with his digital cohort, Woodsbeard.

    Source: Next Indie

    Core Machanic = Replay Value

    The core mechanic in SEADOG is speed and the story and ending cinematic will be tied to how fast the player completes the game. Not only will the full story of the sinkhole be based on time but special events and entire playable areas will only be accessible if the player can get to them quick enough. This information will be apparent and explained through thematic within the game.

    Planned Features as shared on the official website:
    • Open WORLD SHIP gameplay: Shoot yourself over to any available ship at any time!

    • Eight unique and handcrafted ships to explore (some may not even be ships!)

    • 45 unique ‘Ship Parts’ to find within the enemy ships

    • Players can use the ‘Ship Parts’ to unlock and repair machines that bring interesting and helpful twists to the gameplay

    • Bookend cinematics

    • Target Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Switch, and PC (depending on funding and development time these might not all be available at launch)

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