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    Mars Tactics Launching In 2023

    Hooded Horse announces Mars Tactics, a turn-based squad tactics game developed by Takibi Games. Designed for maximum player freedom and featuring destructible procedural maps, unique customizable soldiers that evolve according to battlefield events, and a dynamic strategic campaign, Mars Tactics brings a new take on tactical/strategic hybrid gameplay with a charming 3D pixelart style to boot.

    Source: Hooded Horse

    Taking place on Mars following the discovery of a new rare element that solves Earth’s energy crisis, Mars Tactics gives players the choice of embodying the exploitative Mellon Corporation which controls the Red Planet, or leading the rebel workers fighting against their corporate overlords. Both sides must fight for control of Mars, securing territories, facilities, and assets in order to gain the upper hand and achieve their differing goals.

    The game is being designed with maximum player freedom in mind, including a 360° aiming system that allows targeting any object in the game world and an advanced suppression mechanic crucial to limiting your enemies’ movement around the battlefield. Campaign economics allow you to cripple your opponent’s war effort by taking out key infrastructure, while engagement sizes range from small covert insertions of a couple of soldiers to large-scale battles featuring a dozen playable characters. Even assets such as vehicles, air support, and artillery play a role in both the strategic and tactical maps, creating exciting and deeply interactive scenarios.

    Mars Tactics is scheduled for release in 2023 and can be wishlisted on Steam now.

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