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    Horrifying Retro FPS Forgive Me Father Hits Early Access On PC!

    Halloween is coming, as Forgive Me Father, a petrifying retro FPS set in a world inspired by the twisted works of H.P. Lovecraft, developed by Byte Barrel and published by 1C Entertainment, blasts into Early Access on PC via Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store, and other digital stores.

    Source: 1C Entertainment

    Embark on a maddening journey as the only sane person left in a God-forsaken world. Face hordes of possessed, eldritch monsters and other unspeakable abominations in white-knuckle run-and-gun combat. Maintain at least a shred of sanity as madness levels dynamically change with each terrifying turn.

    Explore a hand-drawn universe, appearing like it was ripped out of a comic book, in an attempt to restore some semblance of reason to society. Investigate every corner of a horrifying world full of hidden and hard-to-reach areas, and uncover the mystery of the damned.

    With touches of classic FPS from the 90s, Forgive Me Father brings a custom combat experience, allowing players to decide how to evolve their equipment while maintaining their humanity. Time-lapse animations and 2D elements in 3D environments are influenced by levels of madness, delivering a frightening experience.

    The Early Access version debuts with almost half of the content planned for the full release, including one of the first of two playable characters, six weapons, four skills, 15 enemy types, and two bosses spread throughout the 12 levels of the first two Acts of the story. A detailed roadmap is available to all players who want to see what’s planned until the end of the Early Access period.

    Forgive Me Father is available in Early Access now via Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store, and other digital stores for 14.99 USD / 14.99 EUR / 12.99 GBP with a 15% launch discount during the first week. The 1.0 release on PC is planned for 2022.

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