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    The Demo Of Metroid Dread Is Out And Here’s Our Take On Why It’s Worth A Try

    Nintendo released a demo version of Metroid Dread via Nintendo eShop. For those of you who haven’t tried it yet, you should give it a shot and decide if it’s for you. Here’s my take on why it’s worth a try.

    After playing this game for a few hours, I still can’t stop thinking about it, despite the fact that it is my first Metroid game. Metroid Dread isn’t just a platformer but THE platformer of the ages, for any Switch Owners out there. Playing it reminds me of how I first played Metal Gear Solid, things just click once I get it.

    Gameplay-wise exceeded my expectations on how the character aka Samus smoothly moves, slides, and jumps around in perfect parabola effect. The game feels right until I get lost in its multilayered intertwining level designs in which everything looks alike yet different. This is where reading the map is significant, as you gain new abilities by defeating a boss; you will need to identify symbols in the map that corresponds with the newfound abilities you obtained and this in itself opens up a new avenue of more levels of exploration and it’s pretty amazing.

    The graphics seamlessly interchange between camera angles from 2D platforming swoops back to third person. Even to the point of counterattacking each enemy and boss feeds my screen with a zoom-in brief cinematic shot.

    In terms of sound, it has a Retro-ish mild horror vibe tune with atmospheric tunes. Songs are ok, tingly but not as memorable yet it fits in with the environment that the players are in. The gameplay sounds pretty spot-on as Samus Blasters, enemy attacks, and ability hit the right note.

    From hunted to hunter

    The gameplay felt more akin to a symbiotic experience, I found a new area and needed to run and hide from boss-like robots called EMMI. By killing them right after receiving new abilities, you also reveal new areas to explore with a different type of EMMI with new abilities to seek you out. It may sound like a cycle here, but the whole experience is enhanced, seamless, bugless (so far), and paced with different platforming puzzles, secrets, and different boss fights in between being it big or small that add to the process that sweetens the pot. This is definitely an experience worth sharing with anyone looking to scratch that platforming itch.

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