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    Ninja Issen Brings In A Kickstarter Announcement Trailer

    Developer Asteroid-J and Publisher CFK Co,Ltd presents a Kickstarter video infusing both Cyberpunk and retro graphics in a game titled Ninja Issen. As a “hyper ninja action”, players alone will annihilate waves of enemy troops and bosses using a variety of ninja skills.

    Source: CFK Official Channel

    Game details as shared on Steam:

    In the future metropolis, Kiba is a seasoned and skillful ninja who can overcome the dangers ahead of him using weapons and abilities to cut down rushing enemies.

    • Katana: Kiba’s main weapon which is highly effective in close combat.

    • Shuriken: Used for long-range attacks and to deflect enemy projectiles.

    • Teleport: Kiba can teleport by throwing his katana to the spot he wishes to reach. This move can be used to reach higher elevated platforms or structures.


    Each stage will have a boss that features unique patterns and gimmicks. You will need to understand their pattern of attacks and achieve victory in the end.

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