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    Three Interesting Indies – Forgive Me Father, Midnight Ghost Hunt And Hirilun

    Forgive Me Father, Midnight Ghost Hunt And Hirilun were stumbled upon accidentally while browsing the online news of the indie deep dark we.. just kidding. They stood out and we thought we needed to highlight them for their potential. Most of these are first-person viewed with a mix of horror vibe be it PVP or story-driven.

    Forgive Me Father

    While this was released as early access back on October 27th, 2021, the horror FPS inspired by HP Lovecraft’s novels, will leave Early Access and launch into its full version. Increasing the number of levels by more than 50%, introducing a new playable character, and much more. The full-version lands on April 7th on PC via Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store, and other digital stores for 19.99 USD / 19.99 EUR / 17.99 GBP.

    Source: 1C Entertainment

    Choose between a Priest or Journalist character and become the only sane person left in a world gone mad. Embark on a journey in search of answers and relief and explore this Lovecraft-inspired world that is full of hidden and hard-to-reach areas, in which you uncover the entire story to solve the mystery of this crazy place. During this journey you will upgrade your character and weapons, using your many active skills and even the creeping madness itself to defeat hordes of sanity-defying monstrosities.

    Key Features:
    • Feeling of a classic FPS from the 90s – Timelapse animations, opponents, and elements of 2D in a 3D environment; first aid kits and life points, non-reloading weapons, powerups during dynamic combat with numerous opponents.
    • Custom combat experience – With scripture in one hand and weapons powered by an unknown substance in the other, the player will face the challenge of maintaining their humanity. It is up to the player to decide how their equipment evolves, and to find ways of defeating hordes of unpredictable opponents.
    • Dynamic level of madness – Directly influencing not only the audio-visual experience but gameplay itself, the effect varying depending on the current level of madness.
    • Presented in a dark comic book style – Hand-drawn graphics designed to maintain a distinctive comic book look, where any screenshot from the game could be a part of a new comic book.
    • Mood straight from Lovecraft’s dark novels – All throughout the game, the player will feel the atmosphere of dread and horror that the works of HP Lovecraft are renowned for. Surrounded by the occult and forces of eternal evil, experience the feelings of hopelessness, madness, and confusion, and the burning need to find answers and bring back some semblance of reason and sanity to the world.
    • Many atmospheric levels and varied bestiary – A diverse world entirely made by hand, full of interesting enemies ranging from possessed inhabitants to monsters straight out of your worst nightmares.
    • Two heroes to choose from – Each with their own, unique development tree. Experience the story from the perspective of either a priest or a journalist.
    • Endless Mode – Endure the unending onslaught of wave after wave of monsters. How long can you survive? Defeat bosses during the main story to open more arenas!

    Midnight Ghost Hunt

    Vaulted Sky Games and Coffee Stain, publisher of Valheim, Deep Rock Galactic, and Satisfactory, revealed an explainer trailer for its hauntingly chaotic 4v4 title Midnight Ghost Hunt at the prestigious SXSW Gaming Awards ceremony, ahead of its release into Steam Early Access this Spring.


    The trailer explains the core aspects and mechanics of the game, one in which prop haunt gets a surprising twist. As ghosts battle ghost hunters in a hijinks-heavy tussle between the living and the dead, spirits must possess objects in order to evade the hunters’ DIY gadgets and gizmos designed to detect and dispose of them.

    But when the clock strikes midnight, the tables turn and the hunters become the hunted! As the supernatural becomes superpowered, the Hunters have to do all they can to survive the night in one piece.


    Jump like Mario and pick up rings like Sonic in a first-person floaty parkour action with Hirilun, by leading indie game publisher Meridian4 and developer Gone Mad Studios. Hirilun launches now at 9.99 USD with a week-long discount of 20%. Wishlist now so you do not miss the launch discount.

    Source: Meridian4

    The stylized city of Hirilun will instantly draw you in as you run, dash, jump and glide your way up, down, and around to hit critical checkpoints. To be the best on the worldwide leaderboards, and to beat your competition you will need to be very quick at non-stop running and jumping, as you explore the neo-noir city of Hirilun.

    Features as shared on Steam:
    • You will need to move very quickly, running and jumping nonstop, going through all the checkpoints, and reaching your goal.
    • You will be able to dash, sprint and plane, but use these skills wisely, as they are limited.
    • Each level has a multitude of different paths; which will be the fastest one? You’ll have to find out…
    • Collecting the experiences that you will find along the way will make your timer stop temporarily. Still, it may not always be worth the detour…
    • Compete with your friends and in world leaderboards that are updated every day.


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