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    Come February 3rd, Build And Guide A New Civilization Alongside Mythical Goddesses In The Hundred Year Kingdom

    Developed by kaeru-san games and published by Chorus Worldwide and Waku Waku Games, The Hundred Year Kingdom, a turn-based simulation game where you will build, cultivate and guide a peaceful new civilization from the ground up with the help of a mythical goddess over the course of one-hundred years launches on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch on February 3rd.

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    With The Hundred Year Kingdom, players will develop and nurture magnificent, peaceful civilizations with the assistance of one of five powerful goddesses, each one bringing unique abilities and creations with which you’ll shape your realm. With your chosen goddess, turn an untouched wilderness into a world brimming with towering mountains, vast oceans, thick savanna, and so much more.

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    You have one-hundred years to build your kingdom, with each year represented by one turn to make your mark. Food production, resource utilization, culture; caring for your civilization is just as important as building it. Do you have what it takes to rule?

    Key Features
    • Develop a civilization from the ground up over 100 years in this simple turn-based simulation.
    • Construct buildings and cultivate land to create and nurture a civilization with the help of a mythical young goddess who calls herself an oracle.
    • Your world will be free of complicating elements like diplomacy, war, and calamities. Rest assured, barbarians won’t invade and Gandhi won’t launch a nuclear attack on your beautiful world!
    • How you care for your civilization is up to you.

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