Home News A unique explosive musical adventure about friendships with Wattam

    A unique explosive musical adventure about friendships with Wattam

    From the creator, Keita Takahashi behind Noby Noby Boy and Katamari Damacy comes a colourful world of Wattam as announced by publisher Annapurna Interactive and developer Funomena.

    A game about reconnecting with people

    A huge explosion blasted the world of Wattam across the galaxy, play as a lonely Mayor tasked to find and chains multiple various characters from different shapes and sizes. From the shapes of Sushi, Flower, Cloud, and Poop chained together in order to create another explosion that will bring the diaspora of Wattam back home.

    Key of making friends features

    • Chain and bond with over 100 unique and carefree characters in a world of Wattam, creating multiple possibilities from playing, switching, stacking, climbing, chasing, floating, exploding, and / or dancing.
    •  Creating more explosions will generate more characters interest to come out and play along.
    • Explore endless possibilities by learning more about the origins of the Wattam’s citizens, this may even solve puzzles, celebrate events and unlocks your imagination.
    •  As each citizen of Wattam has their own melody, those who are chain together will create a whimsical orchestra together.
    • Play either Solo or Co-op.

    Expect no fewer oddities and fun with Wattam as it launches on PlayStation 4 and PC on December 2019.

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