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    A colorful RPG, Little Town Hero is showing more gameplay and character trailer

    Game Freak has released a trailer featuring it’s gameplay and characters of Little Town Hero. The gameplay itself shows off a unique set of art style and interesting menu design in battles. Check it out below:

    Set in an isolated village on the edge of the world

    As the village is barricaded heavily by a castle, with only one gate guarded against any resident to leave. Play as Axe, a hot headed boy dreaming of the world outside his village.
    However, an opportunity arises as a “Monster” appeared in the village, leaving it defenceless. As Axe fight the monster, he somehow was able to use a mysterious Red stone he found in the coal mines, only to discover more secrets of how the stones and the monsters came from. The character trailer includes multiple arrays of friends in Axe’s circle that may aid him in his quest. Will Axe live the adventure he craves and escapes the humdrum village life?

    Key gameplay features:

    • No grinding is needed for this game, instead, focus on a good strategy and ideas while fighting each boss in one on one.
    • Compact story progression designed.
    • Soundtrack by Toby Fox, composer of the background music for Undertale.

    Help Axe in his quest for an adventure this coming October 16, 2019, digitally via Nintendo eShop, priced at $24.99/ 104.76 MYR.

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